Group Of Chautauqua County Lawmakers Eye Gas Tax Reduction

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MAYVILLE – A push to provide relief at the pumps is underway in Chautauqua County, with a caucus of local lawmakers looking to reduce the county’s gas tax.

The County’s four Democratic Legislators are proposing to eliminate the sales tax on gasoline starting June 1 and running through the end of the year.

Legislator Susan Parker, Robert Bankoski, Paul Whitford, and Billy Torres are proposing the tax relief in keeping with Governor Kathy Hochul’s recently approved budget.

In the budget, the state legislature voted to remove the state’s eight cents per gallon motor fuel tax and the state’s eight cents per gallon sales tax.

The legislation allows counties to join the state and remove the counties’ share of the tax, which is four percent, or approximately eight cents per gallon.

“Sales tax is regressive, so what that means is every person who buys gas, has to pay the same sales tax, whether they make a million dollars or they make $25,000 or $10,000 a year, everyone is paying that same tax,” said Legislator Parker. “So, this will help.”

Parker goes on to say her colleagues are now working with the county attorney in drafting local legislation. It appears under state law they are not able to completely reduce the tax, however, are waiting for more guidance for the state on the subject.


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