Independent Investigation Launched Into Silver Creek “Isolation Cell”

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SILVER CREEK – An outside, independent investigation, is underway into allegations those at Silver Creek Central School locked students in an “isolation cell.”

In a statement Thursday, the School’s Board of Education announced the New York State Education Department, Chautauqua County District Attorney, Child Protective Services, and other agencies, are now looking into claims the district “inhumanely and illegally locked or barricaded” students in an “isolation cell” within the school.

The concerns were first highlighted by Jay Hall, Assistant Principal at Silver Creek Elementary School, in a letter to the District’s Board of Education, which was later posted online.

“Our board has taken this matter very seriously,” wrote the Board in a statement. “Mr. Hall has alleged that under our watch, children have been mistreated. Nothing could be more serious than that. Simply put, the Board’s only goal from the start is to know whether the allegations are true, and if so, to take appropriate action.”

The Board of Education alleges since highlighting the concerns, Hall has not been very cooperative. Specifically, officials say he refused to meet with their investigator.

“The Board of Education has directed Mr. Hall to meet with the investigator, who has made every effort to accommodate him,” officials continued. “She has offered to meet with Mr. Hall on campus, off campus, on weekends, and via Zoom. Mr. Hall has refused. The Board of Education has also directed him to provide his information to me, to the Board, or to the investigator. He refuses. This is not right. He remains our employee and yet he refuses to cooperate at every turn.”

Despite the lack of cooperation, the District says they will continue ahead with their investigation, with the only goal of getting to the truth.

They ask anyone has any information related to any inappropriate treatment of children to bring it forward on contact those on the Board of Education.


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