Rep. Tom Reed Visits Ukraine Border On Bipartisan Delegation Trip

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – New York Congressman Tom Reed (R- NY) said he saw the “humanitarian face of war” on a recent trip to the Ukraine border. 

Reed was part of a bipartisan congressional House delegation that traveled to Greenland, Denmark, Germany and Poland last week. He also met with the 82nd airborne who are stationed on Poland’s front lines. He said this trip was to show solidarity with our NATO allies and to reinforce strength with our partners during this war in Ukraine. Reed told us he saw firsthand the devastation of war as he witnessed refugees fleeing into Poland.

“We saw refugees walking with their children and puppy dogs and a bag and probably walked 80 to 100 miles to get to democracy and freedom and Poland,” said Rep. Reed (R- NY). “And as I stood there, it hits you. It hits you how the world can turn upside down very quickly and a lot of innocent people are potentially put in harms way and that’s why we have to be strong.”

Reed said seeing the refugees is a reminder of how important it is for the U.S. and members on both sides of the aisle to show a united front in pushing back against rising threats from countries like Russia and China. Reed said part of this trip also focused on how the U.S. can continue to support Ukraine.

“Ukraine was advocating through proxies you know, they want the resources to be able to defend themselves and you know that was part of the conversations that were there and then they were asking for additional, you know, sharing of information, sharing those resources on the cyber front and things like that,” said Rep. Reed. “So we’re working together with those resources we have available in a coordinated way that allow us to be in the best position without going into to Ukraine physically. At least to put up a fight to say to Putin: end this sooner rather than later.”

During this trip, Reed said he stood right on the Ukraine border. A handful of members of congress have visited Ukraine during the war but the Department of State has made it known that they are urging against members of congress from going into Ukraine because of security concerns and would put the U.S. in a tough spot if members needed to be rescued out of Ukraine, which is something Reed said he was mindful of when he was at the border. Reed told us he wanted to make sure their visit didn’t take away any resources away from those trying to escape Ukraine and into safety.


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