Greenway Plan In Chautauqua Continues 

Image courtesy: County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua trail stakeholders are working to bring funding to the County’s recreational trails.

A grant from Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation of $25,000 was recently awarded to The Chautauqua Region Economic Development Corporation to explore the possibility of implementing a “Friends of Chautauqua County Greenways Group.”

The Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Economic Development released a comprehensive Greenway Plan in 2012 to expand greenway development within the county.

While some of the planned projects have been completed, others are still in the works.

Image courtesy: County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency

Deputy County Executive for Economic Development and CCIDA CEO Mark Geise says he’s glad counties are beginning to understand the importance of outdoor recreation and ecotourism.

“I am thrilled that there is renewed interest in implementing projects and initiatives recommended in the Greenway Plan that we worked so hard on more than 10 years ago, and that this is happening organically,” Geise said. “Kudos to the passionate volunteers who are putting in the hard work to make this happen, and to the County Legislature, the Sheldon Foundation, and others for allocating funding for the purpose of improving upon the incredible assets we already have.”

Joining the project is Jacob Bodway, a member of the County Parks Commission. They say the next six months will see substantial developments for Chautauqua County’s trails, Bodway will  facilitate initial discussions among various trail organizations, legislators, and mayors.

“It’s an exciting time to be a Chautauqua County resident and an outdoor enthusiast,” explains Bodway. “We are thrilled that so many people are behind our efforts to revitalize the trails and the eco-tourism in the county.”

For more information on the Chautauqua County’s ongoing trail development projects and access to the County Greenway Plan, visit


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