First Of Many Clean Up Events Underway

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JAMESTOWN – With Earth Day on the minds of those in Jamestown, dozens of volunteers turned out to McCrea Point Park Sunday to help clean up rubbish along the riverbed. 

Organizer Kathryn Champ drives past the area every day for work and just had to do something about all of the trash littered about.

“I’m a FedEx driver, and I drive up and down Jones and Gifford every day,” explained Champ. “I noticed recently just a lot of trash built up in the area, and it just made me sad because it’s a beautiful place.” 

Champ was able to gather supplies from her bosses at FedEx, and the City of Jamestown, to equip volunteers like Katie Sprovkin, and her children, with the right tools to make a difference. 

“I just wanna teach my kids to give back to the community,” stated Sprovkin. “We focus a lot on making sure we don’t litter and clean up trash.”

The goal of this cleanup, besides picking up trash, is to inspire others to help make a difference in the community.

“Hopefully this event will inspire others to do events in the area as well, and to make the area more beautiful,” Champ explains. “All of this area runs right into the lake which we all should protect, and protect the ducks, and the turtles, and the birds. It’s a wetland and it’s their home and we need to do our part and to keep it clean because we shouldn’t be putting our trash there.”  

For those that can’t make it to organized clean up events like this, Champ believes that any amount of effort is worthwhile.

“Start wherever they are, in your own neighborhood and just do what you can,” stated Champ. “A little bit each day makes a difference.”   

This is just the first of many clean up events around the area, with citywide cleanup push Hands on Jamestown taking place on May 21st.


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