Jamestown City Council, Public Schools Push Traffic Camera Enforcement

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JAMESTOWN – Lawmakers in Jamestown are pushing to roll out speed cameras in school zones as a way to improve student safety.

On Monday night, Jamestown City Council voted to move forward with a project to install speed enforcement traffic cameras within school zones, however, before the idea becomes reality city officials need approval from New York State.

As Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist explains, Chautauqua County’s local Assemblyman is helping to speed up the process.

“It’s looking like that may be taken up by the legislator this year, so when speaking with Assemblyman Goodell, he asked us to progress through and do another home rule legislation,” explained Mayor Sundquist. “We had to do it unfortunately this quick because if we waited until May, we may run out of time for when their legislation session ends.”

Nevertheless, Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Whitaker, says something needs to be done to keep kids safe, and it’s not just on the driver to do so.

“It’s not just a driver issue,” Whitaker explains. “Everybody plays a role here, people that are using the roads, our students, our families, our community, our staff, everybody needs to be aware of this sort of thing. And make sure that student safety is at the top of the list.”

Recently students have been involved in several traffic related accidents. Whitaker tells us that the school is working with students and families to prevent future accidents.

“Previous incidents that we had, the drivers were in no way speeding or driving recklessly,” stated Whitaker. “It certainly wasn’t the fault of the drivers, we had a couple students run out into the road and it was extremely difficult if not impossible for the drivers to see them.”

The proposed project will use speed sensing cameras to capture violations. An officer would then review the footage and issue citations if needed.

Previously, Jamestown City Council pushed to hire more crossing guards to increase student safety too, as part of a program that’s now underway.


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