Jamestown Area CBD Business Granted License To Grow Marijuana 

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JAMESTOWN – A Jamestown area CBD business is officially entering the marijuana grow industry, after they were approved a license to grow the crop this month.

The Releaf Market is one of only 52 hemp businesses that were granted a conditional license from the Office of Cannabis Management.

“I’m in the process of going through all the regulations and things that I need to have in place,” says The Releaf Market owner Kerry Trammal. “There are some timelines on some paperwork that needs to be done. And then, of course  just like with the hemp process, already thinking ahead of planting this June. So we should have plants available for planting come June 6.”

Crop yields would eventually be sold to dispensaries for consumers to purchase. However, licenses have not been issued to wouldbe dispensaries yet, so Trammal says she’ll hold on to the product until further guidance is issued.

In the meantime, Trammal is working through the extensive guidelines for growing.

“Security is one of their main focuses, but as well as that there’s also seed to sale tracking that will also be involved, and a lot of green energy type things that they want to implement. So it’s just making sure that everything I have available to me for the resources to be able to fulfill those requirements,” says Trammal.

Under the terms of the license, a business is allowed either one acre of outdoor growing area, or a 25,000 square foot greenhouse space to grow the plants. The Releaf Market plans to utilize an old factory on Water Street in Jamestown to continue their hemp business, as well as expand into the new recreational marijuana venture.

“It would more or less be for production, and things like that, so that would include packaging, and processing down to where we can process down to flower form,” explained Trammal.

Ultimately, Trammal hopes the community keeps an open mind about the venture, saying the new production will also create several local jobs.

Previously, Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sunquist pushed to make the City of Jamestown an attractive location for entrepreneurs in the growing sector, touting the city’s availability of industrial priorities, low cost energy, and water access.


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