Congressman Tom Reed Pushes HHS On Lowering Insulin Costs

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Reed (R- NY) says the Department of Health and Human Services is not doing enough to help lower the cost of insulin. 

“I’m the father of a Type 1 diabetic so insulin costs is very interesting to me,” said Rep. Tom Reed (R- NY). “And the best you have in your testimony to deal with costs is ‘we’ll work to lower the costs of prescription drugs such as capping the costs of insulin at 35 dollars per month. I interpret that as inaccurate. You’re doing nothing to lower costs. I agree with my colleague from Texas, Mr. Doggett, all you’re doing is capping the expense on who pays it, who is the patient, the recipient like my son. The bottom line is: is that the best you got?”

The Health and Human Services secretary responded to Reed, saying the department is unable to negotiate drug prices, including the prices of insulin, because congress restricts them from doing so.

Reed sent us a statement following the hearing with HHS:

“As we covered with the Secretary’s Testimony we are open to solving the out-of-pocket cost impact to diabetic patients. But as the Health Secretary demonstrated, even he does not know the actual cost of manufacturing insulin. Thus to solve the root problem we must have transparency of actual manufacturing cost. Our bipartisan, bicameral bill solves both problems and should be passed immediately.” 

According to online data, the price for insulin has increasingly climbed over the years. It now can cost some hundreds of dollars for some people.


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