Zeldin Appoints Borrello As Campaign Co-Chair

ALBANY – State Senator Borrello has signed on as co-chair in the Zeldin Gubernatorial campaign.

Congressman Lee Zeldin named Senator Geroge Borrello as co-chair in his 2022 campaign for governor of New York this week.

Borrello is one of 11 individuals across the state who will be leading regional campaign efforts and communicating the candidate’s message and agenda.

“I am proud to serve as a co-chair where I will focus on building grassroots support in our region for Lee Zeldin and his plan for reversing New York’s downward spiral. New Yorkers are fed up with the corruption in the Executive branch over the past two years and with a state government that has blatantly ignored their concerns,” said Borrello in a statement.

During his time in the state senate and house, Zeldin has a track record of delivering for New Yorkers, according to Borrello. He also served in the Army Reserve after serving as an officer during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“The stakes are incredibly high this November and I look forward to working with Lee and our outstanding candidate for lieutenant governor, Alison Esposito, to share their message with voters and secure victory on November 8,” said Borrello.

More information about Lee Zeldin, including the full list of Zeldin for New York co-chairs, is available at zeldinfornewyork.com/2022/04/27/congressman-lee-zeldin-announces-campaign-co-chairs.


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