Lowest Spender Among Top-Four Candidates Prevails in GOP Primary for PA Governor


HARRISBURG, Pa. (Erie News Now) – If there is any takeaway from Tuesday’s Republican primary for governor in Pennsylvania, it is that more money doesn’t always mean more votes.  

State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-Franklin), who will be the Republican candidate in the November general, spent a fraction of what some of his competitors spent.

The difference in contributions and expenditures among the candidates is hard to believe, especially given the results.

According to the Department of State, in the latest cycle, Mastriano spent $490,723.86. Yesterday, he finished with about 44-percent of votes.

Lou Barletta finished in second and spent $790,438.47. Barletta secured 22-percent of votes.

In third, Bill McSwain spent $7,263,377.40, the highest amount among the GOP candidates. McSwain finished with 16-percent of votes.

Dave White finished in fourth place and spent $2,287,849. White had about nine-percent of votes.

There were roughly $1.3 million in combined spending between Barletta and Mastriano, and then nearly $10 million combined between McSwain and White.

In his victory speech last night, Mastriano thanked his team and supporters. His grassroots efforts, his vision for Pennsylvania, and a recent endorsement from Donald Trump, all helped him solidify the nomination, despite being out-spent by millions.

“Our view for Pennsylvania is one of hope and freedom, that people come here and walk as they see fit, not as some governor or some media hack sees fit,” said Mastriano.

Mastriano, and nominee for lieutenant governor, Carrie Lewis DelRosso, will be facing off against Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis in November.


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