Reapportionment Commission Votes To Keep Current Ward Structure

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JAMESTOWN – The committee tasked with deciding the future of Jamestown’s City Council ward lines has voted to keep the current structure: six ward districts.

The Jamestown Reapportionment Commission has been contemplating the future of the local political landscape following the release of the 2020 Census Data.

The group, which consists of a variety of appointments from residents to current lawmakers, discussed either reducing the number of council wards from six to five, or leaving the count consistent.

In the end, they voted to keep the number of wards intact. Next, they will decide the future of the ward map boundaries.

Based on the latest Census numbers, most wards have seen population shifts, with the largest being Ward I, losing 254 residents on the city’s northeast side. Others that saw a decrease in population include Ward VI with a loss of 197 residents on the southeast side of town.

Wards II, IV, and V all saw increases in residents with each gaining 136, 161, and 151 respectively. Meanwhile Ward III noted a very small change, with an increase of just five inhabitants.

Once a map is chosen, there will be a vote on if it should be recommended to the city council, who has final approval on the reapportionment process.


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