State, Local Gas Tax Reduction Takes Effect

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JAMESTOWN – Starting today, both the local and state gas tax in Chautauqua County is reduced, in an effort to provide some relief at the pump for drivers.

New York State Lawmakers first passed the tax break as part of the Executive Budget in April suspending the 8-cent per gallon motor fuel tax and 8-cent per gallon sales tax through December 31.

In the end, consumers statewide are expected to save about $2 on a 12-gallon fill-up. However, the state is slated to lose around $580 million dollars in revenue as a result.

Local lawmakers in Chautauqua County also approved a measure to help bring down prices.

In late April, the Legislature voted to set the gas tax cap at .12 cents.

At the time, Legislator Dave Wilfong told us this will likely bring a relief of three cents a gallon at gas stations across the county.

While Wilfong voted for the measure, he warned fellow lawmakers to be careful that there will not be negative impacts on local cities, towns and villages.

For example, City of Jamestown is slated lose out on $4,805.26, while smaller governments, like the Village of Falconer, would lose only $236.38.

Nevertheless, many drivers are feeling the pinch at the pump, paying $4.93 a gallon statewide and $4.75 a gallon in Chautauqua County, according to data released Tuesday by AAA.


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