Pride Remembrance For Lexi

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JAMESTOWN – A local band held a concert at the Jamestown Pride Festival, Saturday, at which they honored a band member that was killed earlier in the year.

Alexis “Lexi” Hughan was killed during a hit and run incident on New Years Eve. Her band The Ukelads, missing a member, paid tribute to their lost friend during Pridefest this year. 

The band, made up of Aaron and Ambrosia, performed a number of songs, ranging from Cavetown, to Billie Eilish, and even Panic! at The Disco. 

“Last year we came and we were just sitting and we were like oh my god wow It would be crazy to play out there,” explained Ambrosia.

During their performance, audience members noticed there were three microphones on stage despite there only being two members present. 

“We originally had three but, tragically one of our group members passed away,” said Ambrosia. “And now it made us want to perform and I think to be able to honor her and show people that it’s ok to be upset about it.” 

“We miss Lexi very much,” stated Aaron.

The band had been together for over 5 years, and it was very clear that they missed their former band mate and friend by the song they chose to honor her. 

“That’s a song that Lexi, she was very attached to that song,” explained Aaron. “And it also reminded us of her because we had a lot of great times with her. So it’s like where did the time go? Now she’s not here anymore.”

“She originally picked that song for us to perform with our band,” says Ambrosia. “We never got to play it together, so when we sing that song it’s very sentimental to us.”

The pair believe the performance was a beautiful way to remember Lexi and honor her memory. 

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