Local Lawmakers Discuss New Citywide Alert System In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN – The City of Jamestown is working to roll out a new way to deliver messages to residents as part of a citywide alert network.

Discussions took place on Monday night, with City Council members, like councilman William Reynolds, expressing interest in the project.

“I think it covers a variety of different warnings,” explained Reynolds. “Fire, Police, Weather, Traffic, I think it would be great to have if everybody will listen to it.”

The system, which is meant to send notifications to residents of the city, will be installed by Alertmedia out of Austin Texas.

The project still needs a final ‘okay’ from local lawmakers, with some, like Councilwoman Kim Ecklund, still having questions about the program.

“What types of alerts? Who’s responsible for sending them? And some general questions,” says Ecklund.

There is also a recurring cost to keep in mind.

“The amount is 4,900 dollars a year for up to 400 members,” explained Ecklund. “20 cents per member over 400, so for this year a budget will be 2,450 dollars.”

City Council is slated to vote on the system during their voting session on Monday June 27th.


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