NY GOP Candidate For Governor Lays Campaign Path

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ALBANY – Following his victory in the gubernatorial primary last week, Republican candidate for New York Governor Lee Zeldin is laying out what’s next for his campaign, and how he will change the trajectory of the state.

“I believe that, for too long, the state legislators have not had the seat at the table that they should. There are men and women who stand up to serve in Albany, and they come with that fighting spirit on behalf of constituents of Western New York, and unfortunately they just haven’t had a seat at the table they should,” says Zeldin.

If elected, Zeldin says his main focus will be solving the increasing crime rates and enhancing public safety, as well as fixing the economy so that New Yorkers are not forced to leave the state. 

“The implementation of cashless bail has been a disaster,” says Zeldin. “I support repealing it. I believe that judges should have the discretion to weigh dangerousness and flight risk and past criminal record and seriousness of the offense on far more offenses.”

The candidate continued that the HALT Act and the changes to the Discovery Law are further degrading the criminal justice system. He also plans to make amendments to the Red Flags laws to give the person due process.

“The impact of inflation and rising energy costs, the impact of high taxes and high cost of living is directly contributing to that decision being made by New Yorkers to flee New York for good. We must bring spending under control in Albany,” says Zeldin. 

The Republican says he would implement the biggest tax cut ever seen in the state, as well as begin the process of natural gas extraction in areas like the Southern Tier.

A self-described pro-life candaite, Zeldin says he has ideas that he believes would be accepted across the aisle.

“New York should not have non-doctor’s perform an abortion. When I talk about why it would be wrong to have late-term partial birth abortions, peopole who consider themselves to be pro-choice agree with me. I talk about why we should have more informed consent and we should have parental consent. I believe we should be doing more to promote adoption,” says Zeldin. 

The Republican also emphasized that his objections to the 2020 election were about  non-legislative actors changing the ways the election was administered. 


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