Traffic Pattern Changes Made to Major Jamestown Intersection

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JAMESTOWN – A major traffic pattern change takes effect today at a busy intersection on the city’s southside.

The intersection of Prather Avenue, Barrett Avenue, and Baker Street has undergone a complete reconstruction and redesign, making the thoroughfare safer for pedestrians crossing and drivers alike.

“We’ve made Baker Street the primary passthrough in both directions, that being the main collector route in and out of the city, and to all the residential neighborhoods on the south side. That has now become the primary passthrough right-of-way street,” explained Senior Civil Engineer of Jamestown, Mark Schlemmer.

Officials say the previous traffic pattern presented confusion as to who had the right-of-way.

“It wasn’t easy to understand where the pedestrians were supposed to cross. Now we have crossings at stop signs so that it should be obvious to the driver and the pedestrian of where to cross and who has the right-of-way,” said Schlemmer.

This project has been in the works for over a year, following planning and design, crews started the actual construction process in April.

“The utilities had to do a lot of relocating their work, and it brought us to this point,” Schlemmer said.

Now that the thoroughfare has reopened, those traveling down Barrett Avenue have to come to a complete stop, with Baker Street traffic having the right of way.

“They actually have to come to a T-Intersection, stop at Prather, and then they’re going to have to turn onto Prather, and then actually Prather then T-Intersections into Baker so you’ll have to come to another full stop there,” said Schlemmer. “Baker Street now is full passthrough in both directions.”

The next large project, officials say, is already underway. It’s another complete redesign, this time of Wescott Street in Jamestown.


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