NY Gubernatorial Candidate, Attacked During Rally, Speaks Out On Assault

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NEW YORK – The GOP candidate running for New York Governor is calling out the state’s rising crime, just days after he was assaulted while giving a speech to supporters upstate.

Candidate Lee Zeldin opened up about being attacked while giving a speech last Thursday. Zeldin used his experience as just one, of what he says is many examples, of why the cashless bail law is not working.

“This past Thursday, Alison Esposito and I were upstate in Monroe County. During a campaign speech, I was attacked by somebody who was a veteran and as I noticed the veteran hat, I noticed that in his hand he had something that looked like brass knuckles but they were a little different. They had two pointy daggers, kinda looked like a claw. And at the same moment as seeing on his hat that he was a veteran, which in my life means you drop your guard as low as you possibly can drop it, he was lunging towards my throat,” said Zeldin.

Zeldin says changes need to be made.

“This is a moment for all of us to come together and to do something about it. This truly is a last stand for New York,” said Zeldin, “It is imperative that we repeal cashless bail in this state. Judges should have discretion to weigh dangerousness, and flight risk, and past criminal record, seriousness of the offense and far more offenses.”

Safety is a major pillar of his campaign. Without addressing the bill, Zeldin says officials are jeopardizing New York State residents’ safety. 

“This is about keeping people safe, that’s it. It’s about the streets of New York being a place, subways, homes, businesses, where people can go to work, they can feel safe in their home. They can go ride the subway and not see things and experience things that for a parent makes individuals, moms and dads, feel like it would be better parenting to take those kids down the strip of Las Vegas and they will see less than what they will see through that trip on the New York City subway,” said Zeldin. 

“It’s going in the wrong direction right now in this state, and it’s impacting quality of life for everyday New Yorkers,” said Zeldin. 

The man accused of trying to stab zeldin now faces federal charges in the matter. While he was first released due to the state’s bail reform law, he now was arrested and held on federal charges of assaulting a member of congress with a dangerous weapon.


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