Summer Camp Returns At Full Capacity

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RANDOLPH, NY (WNY News Now) – For the first time in two years summer camp returned to Randolph at full capacity, with the Girl Scouts of Western New York bringing back a number of camp favorites, along with new activities this year.

From first grade to 12th grade, girls of all ages are back at Camp Timbercrest this year. 

“I think we’re on the upswing of staff members, last year it was a little harder to find staff coming off of COVID, so this year it was a lot easier. We are always looking for really good quality staff to work with the girls,” explained Camp Director Annete German.

Once girls graduate, they can return as part-time camp counselors. 

“So we have two programs, junior C.I.T which is our 9th and 10th graders and they can come for 2 weeks and then they learn the ins and outs of camp and being a staff member,” said German.

In fact, training for the job is already underway for some.

“One of my favorite activities is arts and crafts or boating,” said C.I.T Zeebo, “It’s just very fun, and I’m actually training to be one of the arts and crafts counselors.”

Staying at Camp Timbercrest gives girls opportunities that they normally wouldn’t have, like horseback riding.

“It’s always been my dream since I was born, I’ve always admired how horses have looked and how they are. I’ve always wanted to ride one,” said Camper Ava. 

“I like horseback riding, currently I’m in the horseback riding and I’m riding my favorite horse, Fancy,” Ava said.

The centerpiece of activity at camp is definitely the lake. Whether the girls are swimming or fishing, they can almost always be seen out on the water. 

“I’ve gotten a few bites, but I’ve been letting them go too early,” said camper Alexa.

New this year, the scouts are learning how to fish. For many, this is the first time they’ve hit the water.

“I prefer the button fishing poles, so you hit down the button and then to cast you basically just keep holding the button, and then you throw the fishing pole but don’t let go of it, obviously, but let go of the button,” explained Laine, a camper.

Once the troop got the hang of things, they found success. 

“I was out fishing and my bobber went underneath the water so I knew it was a fish,” continued Amanda, a camper who hooked a small bass.

Encouragement to become a camper at Timbercrest, doesn’t fall short. 

“To people who, other girls who also want to become Girl Scouts, I say completely go for it because it’s an amazing experience that will definitely change your entire life,” said Zeebo.


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