Laying Out ‘The Spiritual Path’ From Psychics To Animal Communicators

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KIANTONE, NY (WNY News Now) – This weekend, those known as energy healers will be opening their practices to the public as part of a new event called ‘The Spiritual Path’.

Loretta Cheney, organizer and Mindfulness Practitioner, has reached out to several alternative and holistic practitioners, as well as local businesses, to come together and offer a look into this alternative healing method on Saturday.

So far, 14 businesses and organizations will be participating in the self-guided tour.

“What the participant will do, they’ll come to our page and they’ll read all of the biographies that people have submitted who are participating, and then they’ll be able to see where they’re located, when they’re located and receiving guests, and go visit those locations,” explained Cheney.

Free to attend, the sessions promise to connect participants with a variety of practitioners, from a physic medium to an animal communicator.

“I do a number of modalities. I’ve been at this about 25 years, started off with meditation and reiki, and then it just morphed into many things. I’m a classic homeopath as well,” explained Holistic Health Practitioner Monica Hariton, “Most of our sessions are kind of combined, but mostly on the human, and then it’s amazing how the animal just sort of relaxes and says ‘okay, my work here is done’.”

Some will be offering demonstrations for newcomers.

“It’s really a self-guided tour where those who have been wanting to investigate holistic alternative modalities of energy healing,” said Cheney.

“The premise of angelic reiki is that there are higher vibrational energies or frequencies that are available to us, and it’s about tapping into those through archangels and sent-in masters,”

“When you’re doing a reiki session, it’s not my energy. I’m just a medium for it,” Reiki therapist Marc Scapelitte said.

While much of the offerings are emotional, some say they can heal physical pain as well.

“Emotional Freedom Therapy can be used for emotional issues, it can also be used on physical pain,” said Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Therapy Kim Carlson.

The Spiritual Path will take place this Saturday, August 20th, throughout the day. Visit The Spiritual Path 2022 Facebook page for times and locations.


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