Preview of Western NY Special, Primary Races

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Tuesday voters will head to the polls for the New York primary elections. Here in the southern tier and parts of Western New York, there are two unique elections that will be on the ballot for some voters. Some voters will look at two congressional elections: the first a special election and the second, a Republican primary for the midterms.

“Both races are important because this is a sitting member of the House of Representatives and they certainly have work to do and of course one of the big parts of what the House does during the fall,” said Todd Belt a professor and director of political management at George Washington University. “Part of the term is they usually consider the budget, that’s the money, and certainly you want somebody there who can bring things home for the district or at least make sure it’s not going somewhere else instead of the 23rd.“

After Republican Representative Tom Reed (R- NY) resigned from his House seat a few months ago for a job in the private sector, voters will choose either Joseph Sempolinski (R) or Max Della Pia (D) to fill that seat for the next few months. For some republicans they’ll have another congressional race to look at. Nick Langworthy and Carl Paladino are going head-to-head to secure the republican nomination for November’s elections. Political analysts we spoke with say it’s tough to tell who will come out on top for this republican primary election because they haven’t seen any real reliable polling for this race.

“It really is going to come down to you know, in a special election and in a primary election in the middle of August who can really turn out their voters in the heat of summer and convince them that now’s the time to go vote even though they’re not used to voting at that time,“ said Belt.

The winner of that republican primary will face Della Pia in November for that two-year congressional House seat.


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