Jamestown Educators Gear Up For The Fall School Year

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Educators in Jamestown are making final preparations for the fast approaching fall school year, and at the same time, are celebrating an important milestone of one of their elementary schools.

Jamestown Public Schools are working hard to get families, new and returning, excited about this academic year, which kicks off in just two weeks time, and what better way to get in the groove of education, than an Open-House celebration.

“I have always been very proud to be part of the Jamestown Public Schools as a student, as a teacher, as an administrator, but being here in this building as it turns 100-years-old and thinking about how many children have passed through these doors, it is pretty special,” said Lincoln Principal Katie Russo.

This year, the school is adopting a new policy they’re calling the ABC’s.

“The A is about attendance, making sure that we get our kids to school as often as possible. The B is about behavior, so that we behave properly, correctly, politely, and respectfully. And the C is about our core classes, our core academics, doing well in school,” explained Jamestown Superintendent Kevin Whitaker.

Addressing setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic is also top priority.

“We have grave concerns after the two years of COVID about the impact academically, developmentally, and socially that that’s had on our kids so we have a lot of supports in place, psychologists, teachers on special assignment designed to support student learning, we have behavioral first responders, we have additional counselors, all of this is designed to help us meet our goals with kids and support them as they return to school,” said Whitaker. 

In the end, the Superintendent stresses that sticking with full in-person learning is a must.

“Schools are a place where kids and adults are supposed to be. They’re supposed to be full. And in the summertime, there’s lots of people here and kids doing things, but it’s not the same.” explained Whitaker. “Even though sometimes in school it’s stressful and it’s challenging, it’s a wonderful place to be and we’re just so happy to have everyone coming back.”  

To not only celebrate Lincoln Elementary School turning 100-years-old, but to also open the doors to families, the school is hosting a Centennial Celebration on Saturday. 

This event, which is invitation only, will give parents and students a chance to tour the school and meet staff to hopefully ease some back to school anxiety.


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