Los Contrincantes Car Club Hosts Backpack Giveaway In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A car club based in Jamestown is celebrating back-to-school with a backpack give away, where students received the needed supplies for class.

For the past several years, the Los Contrincantes Car Club has made it their mission to help as many parents and students as possible. The club understands struggles, and hopes to take some pressure off of parents.

“Community is our first priority. We say that our kids are our future, if we treat the kids this way, they’ll go the right direction,” said Founder of Los Contrincantes Jose Sanchez.

The club was able to give out over 300 backpacks this year and provide lunch for every student that stopped by.

“We got more than 350 backpacks, we feed every student, they also get ice cream. We have a huge turnout, and every year it keeps on getting big for us,” said Sanchez.

Los Contrincantes is helping many parents and students alike after the pandemic took such a toll socially, as well as financially.

“COVID did hit us really hard, I got laid off for almost a year and a half so me and the mother struggled really hard and the boys were impacted from it as well.” said parent Jason Williams. “Them giving away free backpacks and meals for the kids, it really helps a lot. It takes one less stress off of our shoulders.”

With the turnout growing larger each year, members of the club have one united goal.

“If I could see one kid smile, I’m happy with that,” Sanchez said.

As apparent by the many smiling faces, it seemed like there were a lot of happy parents and students.

“To the ones who organized this, thank you. We’ve come here for the second year in a row. We wanna say thank you. What you’ve done means a lot to us and we hope at some point we’re able to give back to you so you can continue giving to the community,” said Williams.


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