Tips for Getting Through Security Stress-Free this Labor Day Weekend


NEW YORK (WENY) – This Labor Day weekend, travelers are looking to get away one last time before the summer ends. However, some people may not have traveled in a long while and aren’t as familiar with updated airport rules and regulations. With that in mind, TSA is offering several tips to help you navigate security checkpoints.

First, arrive early. TSA recommends getting to the airport an hour and a half early, but for larger airports, two hours.

Second, know which items are allowed in carry on items and make sure that are no prohibited items inside such as liquids, knives, or guns.

Third, before going through the metal detector remove belts and anything in your pockets. It’s important to remember to remove items clipped onto a waistband too. Place those items directly into a carry-on bag instead of into a bin to reduce touchpoints and help ensure travelers don’t leave anything behind.

Fourth, help avoid a bag check. Know where to pack large liquids, gels and aerosols to avoid having a carry-on bag pulled aside and opened by a TSA officer. This is the most common mistake that travelers make. Pack liquids, gels and aerosols larger than 3.4 ounces in a checked bag. The most common prohibited items that arrive at security checkpoints are large containers of shampoo, body spray, perfume, cologne, shaving cream, hair gel/cream, sun block, mouthwash, body lotions and beverages.

Fifth, package food for easy screening. Food items often trigger an alarm during the screening process. It’s best to pack all food items in one clear plastic bag and place it in a carry-on bag. Upon arrival at the checkpoint, remove the bag of food from the carry-on bag and place it into a bin to avoid having food touch a bin, thus reducing cross-contamination. This often speeds up a passenger’s trip through a checkpoint.

TSA also says if you don’t know something when you’re at the airport, simply ask a representative.


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