Ukraine’s Military Regains Territory, Erie Based Company With Ties to Ukraine Reacts

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – It looks like momentum for pushing back against the Russians is building in Ukraine. There are reports of Ukraine’s military gaining more territory within the past week, than it has in months, which has been a devastating blow for the Kremlin.

This video reportedly taken from a Ukrainian city in the northeast just outside of Kharkiv, shows what appears to be Ukrainian people greeting their military enthusiastically. This video follows reports of Ukraine’s military taking back that city from the Russians. This past week, similar reports of Ukraine’s gains and liberating cities are spreading. The New York Times reports with an offensive in the northeast, Ukraine regained 34-hundred square miles in the last week.

“Many of the systems we’ve been providing in just the past few weeks have proven instrumental and effective in the Ukrainian’s ability to go on the offense and to be quite effective on the defense,” said NSC spokesperson John Kirby.

“Ukrainian forces right now are certainly riding the momentum even as we speak, they are continuing to make substantial progress in the east in Donetsk and launch which was even a short month ago was kind of unheard of,” said Logistics Plus COO, Yuriy Ostapyak.

The Erie, Pennsylvania based company Logistics Plus has several offices in Ukraine. When the war began, they’ve helped employees who were eligible to leave the country, flee into Poland. For those that were still in Ukraine, they’ve continued operations. They’ve helped get humanitarian relief and military goods into the country.

“Majority of the western companies actually stopped doing business in Ukraine because of the war risk,” said Ostapyak. “A lot of Ukrainian companies went out of business because their Ukrainian clients are not shipping. We know that there’s very much need for what we’re doing for the goods that we are shipping and we’re finding ways to get them to their final destinations.”

To them and their employees, they’re cautiously optimistic about Ukraine’s recent success.

“Certainly from the emotional standpoint it’s a very kind of you know nice and then great thing to see but you know there’s still war,” said Ostapyak. “There’s still aerial threats all over Ukraine, there’s still you know that tension.”


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