A Look At Betty White’s Wardrobe Pieces, Awards Now On Display In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – We’re getting a first hand look at a new exhibit in Jamestown that’s honoring a comedy legend. 

Wardrobe pieces and awards of famed comedian Betty White are now on display at the National Comedy Center, as part of an exhibit to preserve her life and legacy.

Like Lucille Ball, White’s comedic craft stands the test of time.

“Their bodies of work are so relevant, even today,” explains Megan Eckwahl, Manager of Marketing and Communications with the National Comedy Center. “They were truly masters of the craft of comedy, and they made it seem so effortless.”

One of the things that made Betty White so unique was the fact that she connected generations of fans throughout the decades.

On display in her exhibit include a gown she wore at the 1986 Emmy Awards, to the St. Olaf sweater she wore as Rose Nyland in the Golden Girls spin off in the 90s, to the track suit she wore in the show “Hot in Cleveland.”

“She was the first and only actress to win Emmys in all three comedy categories,” recalls Eckwahl. “Those include lead, supporting and guest actress.” 

The Golden Girl’s eight Emmy awards add to the already accumulating collection at the NCC.

“We just opened up “Carl Reiner Keep Laughing” this past summer, and we have 12 of his Emmys on display,” continues Eckwahl. “So, Betty is in good company here at the National Comedy Center.” 

Her collection also features hand-annotated scripts; however those are not currently on display.

“A lot of folks, who are those huge fans, are going to be very inclined to come to Jamestown, and see these wonderful pieces of comedy history on display,” furthered Eckwahl. “I think we see a lot of that with Lucy fans too.”

All of these elements will be permanently archived at the Comedy Center, with the new exhibit now open to visitors. Tickets can be purchased online at ComedyCenter.org


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