“Words Matter Act Of 2022,” Rep. Sempolinski Co-Sponsoring Legislation

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Joe Sempolinski wants to take the word ‘retarded’ out of the U.S. code. 

He’s cosponsoring a bill called the ‘Words Matter Act of 2022’ in this bill it would amend Federal Law to remove the terms ‘mentally retarded’ and ‘mental retardation’ out of the U.S. Code.

That word is used in legal descriptions for medical care, in court, workplace training and even grants for medical assistance programs.

Sempolinski tells us that word was frequently used in earlier generations, but it is harmful towards people with disabilities.

“That is a word that is not used in polite conversation and it is a very dehumanizing word so the purpose of the act is to make a statement as the Federal Government that those who have developmental disabilities are part of our community and deserve to be included and not dehumanized through terminology,” said Sempolinski.

This bill was introduced in late September. So far it has not moved through Congress.


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