New Lucy Children’s Book Hits The Shelves

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A new children’s book has hit the shelves, focusing on the life story of Jamestown’s star: Lucille Ball.

We spoke with the author of Lucille Ball: Little Golden Book Biography, and Jamestown native Wendy Loggia, telling us that while the “Little Golden Book” series is aimed for children, that anyone can enjoy Lucy’s story.

“I’m hoping that whether you’re a lifelong fan of Lucille Ball, or you might not be familiar with her, I’m hoping that people that pick up the book really see that Lucille Ball lives a life before and after the I love Lucy show,“ explained Loggia. “She worked really tremendously hard during the time that she was a young woman, things were quite different than they are today. And she was truly an iconic trailblazer and paved the way for so many women, comedians, people wanting to pursue their small town dreams. She really was an icon in many ways.”

Drawing inspiration from her past experiences in Jamestown, as well as iconic locations like the Lucy Desi Museum, both Lucy statues, the I Love Lucy show, and many works that describe Lucy’s life.

“In researching the book I knew that Lucy fans would really come after me if I didn’t get all my facts straight,“ stated Loggia. “So I read her biography, which was wonderful. I read everything that I could get my hands on, basically about Lucille Ball.” 

Loggia believes that Lucy’s life story will be inspirational to all who read her Little Golden Book.

“Showing her as a child working up at Celeron Park, as a young woman she sold hamburgers and ice cream up at the park,“ explained Loggia. “She ventured off to New York City where she just sort of failed miserably in her acting and dancing class. She was told that she didn’t have any talent, that she was never going to make it. And so I think anybody can really identify with that feeling of having a dream and being told by outsiders that your dream is not going to come true.

She hopes that anyone who picks up her book will find a love for Lucy, old fans or new.

“I certainly hope that after reading the book that kids might want to watch some of the iconic Lucille Ball episodes,“ said Loggia. 

Other inspirational people that the books cover include Betty White, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Queen Elizabeth II.

The Lucille Ball: Little Golden Book Biography released on September 20th and is available at all places that sell books, as well as the Lucy Desi Museum.


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