Mother Outraged About Son’s Bullying At Jamestown High School

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A local mother is at wits end, not knowing what to do about continued bullying of her son at Jamestown High School, bullying, the parent fears, is only getting worse. 

15-year-old Yadiel Diaz was subject to a public humiliation stunt by a fellow student in an act of violence and bullying. Now, Yadiel’s mother Raquel has had enough.

These gang members, according to Raquel Diaz, call themselves the “Young and Deadly” and have been terrorizing her son for a long time.

“I’m gonna say in February or March, one of the gang members, I don’t even know what to call them anymore, went into my son’s classroom while he was sitting down and flipped the desk over, and stomped on his face,” said Diaz.

Diaz says she’s pleaded with the school multiple times to help, but to no avail.

“There’s so much bullying at JHS and everybody just tries to sweep it under the rug, everybody just tries to keep everybody quiet,” said Diaz. “No. I went through the proper channels, I told my child just keep calm, words are words, as long as they don’t put their hands on you just let it go, there’s no point in having an issue.”

The incident in the video took place last Friday, following a verbal altercation between one of the alleged gang members and Yadiel.

“The situation on Friday was Yadiel was walking home with his brother, three of his friends and his girlfriend, the kid said something to Yadiel,” explained Diaz.

To make matters worse, the parent fears her son’s bully was armed.

“I was also assured that he makes it very well known that he has a gun on school property everyday, so that’s why nobody jumped in,” Diaz said. “I shouldn’t have to send my kids to school with the worry of is this bully gonna be there, or what’s gonna happen next? I told the officer when I spoke to him on Friday, I’m not going to bury my child.”

The mother has tried to teach her children to keep to themselves. 

“I apologized to him so many times because he said to me, he said ‘Look at where your advice got me, I’m kneeling on the floor’,”  said Diaz.

WNY News Now has reached out to Jamestown Public School District for comment and superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker responded in a statement saying quote, “This weekend, I was made aware of videos circulating on social media regarding students allegedly enrolled in our district. As a district, we are not able to share details about an ongoing investigation involving minors. However, we are investigating the alleged conduct that occurred and appropriate action will be taken following that investigation.”


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