First Snowfall Of The Season In WNY 

First snow of the season in the Town of Charlotte on 10/18/22. Image by Sue Peacock.

JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – We woke-up to the first snowfall of the winter season in Western New York today. 

First winter snow in the Town of Randolph on 10/18/22. Image by Stacey Lux.

Many in the Jamestown area saw a light coating of snow on the ground due to below normal temps leading to lake effect rain and snow showers on Tuesday. 

For the most part, snowfall was contained to higher elevations away from Lake Erie, like at Randolph’s Camp Timbercrest where a group of bears were caught on a trail camera early in the morning out in the elements.

Bears enjoying the first snow in Randolph on 10/18/22. Image by Scott Lux.

In addition to animals, many drivers had some issue dealing with the new fallen snow as well. The Sheriff’s Office reported several crashes due to the weather. 

While no was no severe accidents, roadways were slick early in the morning and drivers who did not adjust their speed, paid the price. 

Temperatures are expected to remain cold through Thursday which could lead to snow as well.  


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