Bemus Point Pizzaria Unveils New Buffalo Bills Themed Take-Home Pizza

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BEMUS POINT, NY (WNY News Now) – A new sports themed take-home pizza is keeping the bellies of Buffalo Bills fans full and happy.

Those with Coppola’s Pizzaria in Bemus Point are selling their famous Buffalo Bills pizza, not just fresh out of the oven, but also new this year, to take home and bake yourself.

Brainchild of owner Luke Andriaccio, inspiration for this Bills themed pie first came to him several years ago.

“The first one that came out we did the outline in spinach to really define the buffalo,“ explained Andriaccio. “And it came out really good, and then we perfected the way to make them consistently very quickly.”   

Ever since this diehard fan created his masterpiece, others from all across the region have visited the lakeside community to enjoy the dish.

“Our customers and our feedback is really amazing,“ said Andriaccio. “We have Bills fans that drive all the way from Buffalo and Orchard Park to get them. They buy a lot of them, a mass amount of them all at once. Our take and bakes, and our ones that we can produce here in the store.”    

Patrons have a few different options when it comes to enjoying this Bills themed pizza, you can eat it in restaurant, take it home, or now even bake it yourself.

“We just rolled out the doughs a couple months ago, they’re shrink wrapped, and they have a label with cooking instructions, that fit in a regular sized oven, that you would have at home,” explained Andriaccio. “The ones that we have here, they’re much bigger, they fit in our sheet pizza box, 

In the end, the pizza artist is proud of his work.

“It feels good when you do something and you’re recognized for it,“ stated Andriaccio. 

The pizzeria makes more than just Bills themed dishes, in the past they have baked shapes for other NFL teams for special occasions like the Superbowl.

These take and bakes can be made at home in any residential oven and feature multiple flavors like pepperoni, chicken wing, tropical, the undertaker, and many more specialties.



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