Recap from New York gubernatorial debate

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ALBANY, NY (WENY) – As election day approaches, gubernatorial candidates Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin squared off for a debate in New York City, hosted by Spectrum News.

They each highlighted issues they consider to be a top priority. In their introductions, Hochul and Zeldin each focused on public safety and economic development.

“New York is in crisis. We’ve experienced on so many levels, attacks on our wallets, our safety, our freedom, your children’s education. You’re poorer and less safe because of Kathy Hochul and extreme policies,” Zeldin said.

“Every single day I wake up and think about how I can fight harder for you and your families. To invest in education for your kids, give you more childcare opportunities so you can get back to your jobs, also keeping more money in your pockets with middle class tax cuts and property tax rebates, but very much focused on public safety,” Hochul said.

Debate questions mainly centered around issues of abortion, public safety, and economic development. Throughout the debate, both Zeldin and Hochul continued to emphasize public safety. But they differed in their policies.

When moderators asked Hochul and Zeldin about gun regulation, Zeldin said Hochul is adding more restrictions to gun regulations, just shortly after the Supreme Court ruling that lifted restrictions on concealed carry gun laws.

“She goes after the law-abiding New Yorkers. So, she went so far the next week, to pass a new law that was even more unconstitutional than the last law, infringing on first amendment rights to infringe all over second amendment rights,” he said.

Hochul then delivered a rebuttal that stricter gun legislation is essential.

“I want every child to be safe in the state, and having a proliferation of guns everywhere, which was a result of this decision,” she said.

With elections just two weeks away, tonight’s debate could impact poll numbers.


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