Local Schools Take A Second Look At Food

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The Jamestown Farmers Market will soon be working alongside our local school district to teach kids the importance of food. 

The market was awarded $50,000 dollars from the Farm to School grant administered by the United States Department of Agriculture. This funding creates a tower garden and sustainable garden programs at some of the schools.

Alongside the new additions, market staff will teach students and teachers alike the importance of a sustainable garden, and why our food matters.

Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker believes that it is important for students to learn where their food really comes from.

“For kids to learn about sustainable farming and where their food comes from,“ explained Dr. Whitaker. “So food doesn’t come from the store, food comes from farmers for the most part. And the more they can learn about how food is grown, how healthy it is for them, the work that goes into that, and what it ends up looking like when it’s part of their meal, the better they’re going to be in terms of their own health and the community’s health.”   

The funds will help the public market set up a tower garden at Bush Elementary, and set up gardens at both Bush and Washington Schools.


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