To Travel or Not to Travel During Inclement Weather

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By Elspeth Mizner

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Our region could be seeing significant snowfall over the next few days, which may have people questioning their travel plans. But are people canceling flights or long road trip this weekend?

With significant snowfall expected over the next few days, people may be reconsidering travel plans. Jill Harry, a PennDot Spokesperson said, “If you are planning on going somewhere that takes you out of the area into another part of the state, look ahead to see what kind of weather you may be traveling into, but then give yourself that additional time.”

Harry also recommended asking yourself a few question before you commit to time in the car, in the snow. “How comfortable are you driving in the snow? And if you are not really comfortable, it’s okay to stay home. You don’t have to go into weather that you aren’t comfortable driving in”, said Harry.

Although you may want to build in buffer time when traveling by car, AAA doesn’t recommend canceling your flights. At least not yet. Tiffany Stanley, a Spokesperson for AAA East Central said, “We wouldn’t suggest you change your travel plans since travel is near pre-pandemic volumes. And unfortunately we have less flights available for travelers this year. So you definitely don’t want to change your plans.”

Stanley suggested monitoring your flights as the takeoff date gets closer. But AAA isn’t seeing too many people altering plans yet, “Even with the inclement weather, we do see that people aren’t changing their plans, they are sticking to the flights or the travel plans they have by vehicle”, said Stanley.

If you are planning on traveling by car, both PennDot and AAA recommends to make sure your vehicle is inspected, your car battery and tires are in good condition and you have things in your car in case of emergency, like food, blankets and a first aid kit. Penndot also recommends that you use GPS to see if there’s any changes with road conditions or speed reductions on your journey.


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