Health Minute: Reduce Risk Of Sickness This Thanksgiving

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NEW YORK, NY (Newsource) — It’s a time to be with family and friends and to celebrate your blessings, but with severe respiratory illnesses spreading in some parts of the country, you may also need to protect yourself and your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

RSV, and the flu, spreading earlier than expected. Plus, there’s still COVID-19 to contend with, so, as you gather this holiday, Dr. Mahdee Sobhanie with the Ohio state university’s wexner medical center says you can protect yourself and your family.

“Make sure you’re up to date on your vaccinations. That would include influenza and that would also include your COVID vaccines,” said Dr. Sobhanie.

Testing for COVID before you gather with loved ones can also help protect those who are vulnerable to getting severely sick, particularly those who are immunocompromised, young children and seniors.

Mitigation measures, like masking and handwashing, can still help, too.

“If you are in an area that you can have good ventilation, open the windows, things like that, that’s always beneficial,” explained Dr. Sobhanie.

If you’re feeling sick after the holiday, Dr. Sobhanie says to alert those who gathered with you, so they can be aware.

“Definitely in this cough and cold season really staying vigilant about your own health and the health of others is going to be key,” continued Dr. Sobhanie.


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