SCAM ALERT: Fake jewelry for cash scheme

WENY News Image.

By Nick Quattrini

NEW YORK STATE (WENY) – Buyer beware! According to a New York State jewelry store, they’ve seen an influx of fake jewelry from people who were victims in a high pressure scam.

Scammers are reportedly approaching people to ask for money, all under the guise that they ran out of money or gas, and they need help immediately.

The pitch is all wrapped up in a sad story and it typically happens in parking lots, gas stations, and other high traffic areas.

The scammer than tries to sell their “jewelry” for whatever the victim has in their pocket. but the jewelry is worthless.

The jewelry is marked as 18 karat gold, but the local jewelry store says it’s not real gold.

The store owner says in just one week, they have encountered 9 people who were scammed. One person was scammed for $900.


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