Jamestown Road Crews Ready For Storm

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – With a lake effect snowstorm on the horizon, those with the Jamestown Department of Public Works are getting ready to tackle whatever comes their way. 

Senior Civil Engineer Mark Schlemmer tells us that no matter what hits our area, he and his team will be ready.

“Well we’re ready for anything,“ explained Schlemmer. “It’s that time of the year, we finished leaf pickup right before Thanksgiving. We’ve got all the equipment, the plows are on, salt trucks are ready to go, so we’re ready.   

With 12 different routes around the city, and no down equipment, snow removal efforts will begin as soon as the first flakes fall.

“Salt trucks are going to be out pretty much instantaneously, as soon as the event starts,“ stated Schlemmer. “And then depending on the quantity we get, it’ll determine whether the actual plows go out. Typically once you start to see two, three, four inches on the ground then the plows will be out.     

While road crews are ready to tackle the snow, parked cars present a problem.

“The one thing we do always ask, because it kind of gets forgotten as the year goes on, is the alternate parking,” explained Schlemmer. “Very critical in our plowing and cleanup operation. That 10 a.m. switchover is the key, and we ask everybody to try to switch those cars over around that 10 a.m. time as closely as possible.”     


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