New Stats Suggest New York’s ‘Red Wave’ May Be Receding

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ALBANY, NY (WNY News Now) – New York’s ‘red wave’ may be receding, as non-affiliated voters pass Republicans for the state’s second largest voting group.

New statistics released by the New York State Board of Elections revealed the trend.

According to political analyst Carl Calabrese, who spoke with WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, the drift is unusual, however, could be blamed on new election laws.

In 2020, legislation tripled the number of voter signatures required for a party to get on a ballot, now grouping all minor parties into the “blank” category.

“I think, (this) going to force the Republican Party to take a look at that strategy and say, ‘Well, we can’t win by by having a hyper turn out of our base vote because there’s just not enough of them,’” Calabrese said.

While this rise hasn’t seen its effects here in Western New York yet, new numbers from county board of elections suggest the gap is closing, meaning moving forward, the Republican Party can no longer win an election without the support of the middle.


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