Bills Fans Pleased with Hamlin’s Signs of Improvement

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BUFFALO, NY (Erie News Now) — Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin has shown significant improvement in the last 24 hours, communicating by writing and showing general responsiveness, according to Cincinnati doctors Thursday.

The news was met with outright celebration in Buffalo as Erie News Now spoke with fans in Orchard Park.

They said they had been holding their breath since Monday night, hoping Hamlin would survive.

The fans understand the young safety is far from fully healthy, but they say every bit of positive news is welcome.

“Absolutely wonderful,” said Carol Rabener. “We were thrilled. I’m hoping now the team can say, ‘Now, we can play on Sunday for him,’ and it’ll make them feel better.”

“It seemed like everything was surreal,” said Darlene Zlotek. “Like, ‘Did this actually happen?’, and ‘Are we really like seeing this day in and day out?’, and it’s like, ‘Are we reliving a nightmare?’. Just praying for a great recovery, which now seems like prayers are working. Whether you’re religious or not, just keep them coming, and let this young man get back to playing football.”

“Very happy for me,” said Debbie Vandenburg. “I think prayers definitely have helped. I’m glad he’s doing better.”

Fans said there’s a palpable sense of relief with excitement now building for this weekend.


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