Bills Coach: Up To Hamlin If He Wants To Play Again

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ORCHARD PARK, NY (WNY News Now) – Buffalo Bills coaching staff say it’s up to Damar Hamlin if he wants to play football professionally again.

Hamlin is now at home after spending more than a week hospitalized. The Buffalo Bills’ Safety suffered a cardiac arrest on the field last Monday during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He spent days sedated and on a ventilator before his breathing tube was removed Friday, then on Monday Hamlin was transferred from Cincinnati to Buffalo hospital to undergo further testing.

Doctors say the 24-year-old is recovering well. As for when he’ll play football again, that’s not clear, and his coaches say they are not pressing the issue.

Recovery from an event like what Hamlin suffered is typically measured in weeks to months. Doctors have said Hamlin’s recovery is progressing quickly, and he’s neurologically intact.

Bills Quarterback Josh Allen noted that it is an “awesome feeling” to have Hamlin home, adding that the team hopes he is getting his rest. Allen also stated that he has not seen Hamlin yet but he is eager to do so.

“Some guys were tromping at the bits to go see him, against doctors orders, just making sure that he’s getting his rest and recovery,” Allen told WGRZ-TV. “Taking it slow and obviously just trying to get back to being himself. So we’ll take all the time that we need and I hope he knows that the guys are ready to see him.”

The NFL season is now in the playoffs, and after the super bowl February 12, the players will be in the offseason.


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