Pentagon Hints Additional Ukraine Aid, Zelensky Vows to Take Back Crimea

WASHINGTON, D.C. — European countries have made recent announcements they’re sending additional aid to Ukraine. The Pentagon hints that the US could send more help to Ukraine as well.

Recently, the UK and Estonia have made their own announcements of additional weapons they’re sending to Ukraine. The pentagon teases that we could hear of more weapons being sent over to Ukraine but they haven’t said what that looks like yet. Before they make that announcement, other European countries have recently made additional weapons announcements for Ukraine. But there’s also been some hesitations by some, including Germany. There are reports that Germany has been hesitant to provide Ukraine with tanks unless the US provides tanks, too.

The Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is in Germany to meet with his counterparts on Ukraine. The New York Times reports there have been debates between the Germans and the US on sending tanks to Ukraine. During a briefing from the Pentagon, they said the US has helped Ukraine with their requests in various aid packages. Stating when they need things like air defense systems or armored cars, the US helps provide that.

One of the questions that was floating around the briefing was related to Crimea. Just for reference, Crimea was annexed by Russia years ago from Ukraine and is still under Russian control. The Pentagon was asked if it is concerning to the US if the Ukrainians plan to use any weapons they’ve received from US to regain Crimea:

“Crimea is part of Ukraine,” said Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh. “We’ve long held that position. We’ve said that we certainly support the Ukrainians taking back their territory by any means that they can and whatever weapons they are using. Again, we have not shied away from stating that fact from the very beginning.”

The New York Times is reporting that after months of talks with Ukrainian officials, the US is warming up to helping Ukraine regain Crimea. Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky announced in a video appearance at the World Economic Forum that he vows to take back Crimea. Even though the US maintains that Crimea is part of Ukraine, The Times is reporting they have been hesitant to move forward in giving Ukraine enough resources to mount an offensive, fearing an escalation in the conflict.


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