Jamestown Senior Home Improvement Effort Could Finally Be Fully Funded Soon

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — After months debate, a program to help improve senior citizen’s homes in Jamestown may finally be funded in its entirety.  

Presenting to the city’s finance committee, Assessor Lisa Volpe says there were 303 applicants for the program with 257 being eligible. In total, to cover all requests, almost $1.878 million dollars would be needed.

Currently the city council has only approved $1.5 million dollars with the assumption it would have been completely funded.  

With monies that have already come back from completed projects, Finance Chair Kim Eckland deduced that $282 thousand dollars would be needed to completely fund the initiative.

In the end, the Finance Chair would like clear consensus numbers

“All of us on council have no problem funding the program,“ explained Eckland. “It’s just a matter of making sure we have the right numbers, because I do not want to be back here in a month saying we short changed it again, and/or number two, making sure what we’re going to give you is what is fully needed. I guess my concern is, when I’m looking at this and I’m confused, and I’m the numbers person.”      

While other city leaders would like to take funds from existing programs, Eckland believes to fairly cover everyone, using ARPA monies would be best. 

For the council’s January voting session, a resolution designating $377,528.75 in ARPA monies has been added for the purpose of finally funding the popular program.


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