Search Underway For Future Historical Marker Sites In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — Want to be part of history? Jamestown historians are asking for help to identify where future historical markers should be placed.

Jamestown Historical Marker Committee and City of Jamestown historian Ashley Senske are taking suggestions for the next marker location.

So far, Senske has compiled a list and is comparing each submission to current markers.

The only requirement is that the historical submission must be something, or someone, that has made a huge cultural or social impact on Jamestown.

“I am a little biased, but I can’t not talk about Lucille Ball. Right?,” said Senske. “And it’s not just because she did I Love Lucy. She was the first woman to be a president of a major production studio. That’s huge. And she’s the reason why we have Star Trek. And she came from here, you know. And she constantly wanted to come back here and help this area.” 

For the city’s historian, the goal is to never forget chronicles of the past. 

“And then when we hear these stories of, I’m just going to make a generic statement, but when we hear something nowadays and we’re like, ‘I never learned that in school’. Well it’s because somebody along the line stopped talking about it, and no longer thought it was important. When in reality, I would say most of it is important.”

As of today, Senske is still taking suggestions via email, at She is looking for something truly unique for this year, but especially the city’s 80th historical marker which will be dedicated in 2024. She would like to place more than one sign per year, but would need additional funding. 

“Maybe I should start a GoFundMe that’s just dedicated to the historical marker fund in case we ever raise enough money to do a second one, we could do more than one a year,” Senske said. “Unfortunately no, I don’t have any way for someone to donate, but if they are willing, please reach out. Always happy to talk, that’s for sure.”


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