Community, Lawmakers React To Jamestown 2023 State Of The City

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist delivered his 2023 State of the City address Monday, while highlighting his achievements, lawmakers and community members alike had feedback on the Mayor’s remarks. 

For Councilmembers like Councilwoman At-Large Kim Eckland, the lack of communication between the council and Mayor’s office is a big concern.

“Not being political I was a little disappointed, in the lack of mention of the involvement of city council and collaboration between administration and legislative body,” explained Eckland. “Because one doesn’t exist without the other, and both need to work cohesively.”

Of all the points the Mayor presented, concerns were raised over what the cannabis industry will do to Jamestown.

“It was cited in this address that hundreds of jobs, hundreds of jobs, were gonna be created here in the cannabis industry,” stated Doug Champ. “And we have mounted on the city’s webpage. Come grow with us. I’m all for innovation, but I’m not for identifying hundreds of jobs as a viable economic development plan for the city of Jamestown.

Some however, see the benefits of the industry.

“I recently met with someone who is in charge of the cannabis control board in Denver,” explained Council President Tony Dolce. “And she talked to me about the challenges, the pitfalls, successes and so forth and they were able to raise, I think the City of Denver $70 million dollars last year alone. Obviously Denver is a huge city but, there’s opportunities there.”

In the end, a lot has been done in the past few years.

“We’ve made some great strides in a terrible time, in COVID, in his time as mayor,” stated Eckland. “This certainly has been some great progress and I really would like to continue to work together, legislative and administration to make some of these projects come to fruition.”


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