Village Of Falconer Welcoming New Restaurant

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Falconer, NY (WNY News Now) – A new Restaurant is opening at a familiar location in the Village of Falconer this Wednesday.

Many locals reminisce on enjoying an ice cream cone at ‘Big Don’s Ice Cream’, which has sat vacant for some time. Now, new owners are breathing life into the building and excitedly waiting for the grand opening of ‘Maple Tree Cafe and Ice Cream’.

General Manager, Dillan Labarbera is making the final preparations needed before opening the doors and serving some tasty meals.

“This is about five or six months in the works, it was a slow process. We kind of wanted to take our time and make sure we did everything right,” says General Manager Dillan Labarbera.

Labarbera is overjoyed to start serving hungry customers.

“We’re opening this Wednesday, February first and after all of the posts on Facebook, everyone seems pretty excited,” said Labarbera. “I would say I’m most excited to start a new adventure in my life. I’ve always wanted to own my own business so this is like a pretty cool stepping stone for me to be the general manager of a business like this.”

The restaurant strives to bring a new aesthetic to the dining experience while keeping a homey feel as well.

“It’s pretty much going to be your basic breakfast and lunch menu with a little bit of a modern twist on everything. As you can see in here, we kind of have a modern little twist on it, but we want to keep it simple and we want to keep everyone able to get and get those regulars in here,” Labarbera said. 

The venture did face a few problems, but Labarbera believes a solution has been made. 

“Our two things when we got to opening this were mosquitos and obviously work. It’s hard to find work lately so we found what we think is going to be a great team. In the summer, we are going to open up this patio, we’re going to enclose it, and we’re going to have a couple heaters out there and we’ll have double the dining space out there so it’ll be awesome,” explained Labarbera.

To see a full menu and updates on Maple Tree Cafe and Ice Cream, you can visit their Facebook Page.  


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