Temperature Drops Result in Frequent 911 Cold Exposure Calls

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) — As temperatures drop back to frigid winter norms, 911 calls for cold exposure are expected to rise.

There was one call on Wednesday morning, where an EmergyCare ambulance responded to a case at a bus stop on Peach and 7th street.

EmergyCare Director of Operations Todd Steele shared that most calls come in for homeless and elderly citizens.

Warming shelters can fill up, leaving limited options for citizens with nowhere else to go.

Elderly people who may struggle to pay heating bills or have furnace issues can also fall prey to the cold.

The older your body gets, the harder it is to regulate internal temperature Steele said the best way to keep cold exposure call numbers low, is for all to be good neighbors.

“You talk about people who get a foot of snow on their sidewalk and an 80-year-old woman lives next door, go shovel the sidewalk, go help her out,” said Steele. “Help your neighbors you know, keep an eye on them, we’re all in this world together and let’s take care of each other.”

If you come across anyone suffering from hypothermia, shivering, confusion, slurred speech, exhaustion for a few common symptoms call 911, get them under warm blankets and if possible into a warm place.


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