Your wallet may feel a pinch when buying produce

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) — Remember the COVID-19 pandemic where quarantining and zoom where the top trends? Well, 2023 may see a different trend and it is at the grocery store.

“Our cost have been increased anywhere from 10 to 25 percent. And so, we have to pass all that cost on to our customers. We have tried to minimize it as much as possible but we are in that range.” Said crossroads farm’s Sarah Banorden Morrow.

The U.S. department of agriculture is predicting some items often seen around the pantry and fridge could increase this year. On January 25th predictions made by the USDA include prices rising 12.8% for meat, 8% for diary, 16.5% for fats and oils, 16.5% processed fruits and vegetables and 10.6% for sugar and sweeteners.

“This time of year, you get into lots of roots. So, we tend to grow a lot of colorful radishes. And we try to ferment them and roast them and sauté them and eat them. They keep really well,” said Liz Martin from Muddy Fingers farm.

The twin tiers are being affected by prices even as farmers push back on the economies wishes.

“ Sure our cost of production have gone up like crazy in the last year. So, we are fortunate to be in a place where we can adjust our prices if we have to but we hate to do that to our customers,” said Morrow.

The USDA report is available here.

Chamberlain Farmers Market located at 824 Broadway Street, Elmira, New York is open this winter and hours may vary.


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