Super Bowl LVII safety tips for driving home sober

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MANSFIELD, PA. (WENY) — Super Bowl Sunday is closer than you may expect, and whether you are hosting or attending the party, it’s important to remember to stay safe. To that end Mansfield University hosted a demonstration on Monday on the difference between driving sober compared to after having a few drinks.

“What we see a lot of potential are car crashes. And they are not accidents. Accidents just don’t happen. You could have done something to prevent that accident from happening,” said Deborah Erdman, RNI injury prevention coordinator for trauma at Gesinger Health.

A big part of that is having while consuming alcohol and making sure to stay off the road if you feel tipsy or drunk. The Highway Safety Network suggests to prepare ahead of the game on how you will get home. It is too late to plan if you have already began drinking.

“Have a plan on how to get home safe before that. If you are a party host, make sure you are taking care of anybody who is too impaired to drive. Offer plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and offer plenty of snacks,” said Kim Smith, press officer from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) District 3.

Another leading cause of death besides being impaired is poor decision making. Impairment does not just mean drugs and alcohol, it can also mean being too sleepy to drive.

“So often with crashes we find impaired driving a factor, speeding. If you are impaired you often make other bad decisions like speeding or not wearing a seat belt,” said Angela Bieber, community traffic safety program, Highway Safety Network.


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