Man Lunges At Buffalo Shooter In Court


BUFFALO, NY (Newsource) — The Buffalo, New York Tops supermarket shooter was in court Wednesday to learn his fate when a man lunged at him.  

The drama was caught on video and happened during victim impact statements at Payton Gendron’s sentencing hearing. 

A man charged at Gendron. New York State Court officers quickly stopped the man before he got to Gendron. Both men were both escorted out of the courtroom through separate doors. 

It might have shaken some in attendance, as sniffles were audible after the incident. 

When Gendron returned to the courtroom, he showed no sign of emotion however, he had been crying during the victim statements. 

Later in the hearing, Gendron apologized to the families saying he was very sorry for taking the lives of their loved ones. 

Gendron pleaded guilty to ten counts of first-degree murder and other charges. The judge gave him the maximum sentence: life in prison without parole.  

The DA says the man who rushed at Gendron will not face charges. 


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