Should You Get Another COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Before Spring Break?

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) — Talk to ten people about COVID-19 and you’ll hear ten stories of when they got their vaccines and their boosters.

“I had the vaccine and the booster, but I didn’t get the next booster yet,” Sharon Furyesz said, “but the only reason is because my husband and I don’t have a car anymore so we have to take Ubers and stuff and it was just an inconvenience.”

Or perhaps they or their loved ones were hit with the virus itself. Nurse Laura Kaminski told us her parents had a recent case. “I’m a nurse and I see how we’re still having outbreaks and still how quickly it’s being spread, you know my parents, people are still getting it you know, it’s still around it’s still a thing.”

So with spring break travel around the corner, should you make sure you have the most current booster. The CDC and pharmacists at LECOM’S vaccine and test to treat site say, yes.

According to LECOM pharmacist Jason Turba, “Everybody should have stayed up to date by getting a bivalent booster and if they haven’t had the opportunity, now would be a great time prior to spring break whether it’s travel or you’re going home to see family, so we certainly recommend that people get the updated vaccine.”

After having the original booster in October 2021, and contracting the virus in October 2022, I was unsure myself if I needed the bivalent vaccine but the LECOM pharmacists were convincing so soon I was filling out the forms and getting the Pfizer bivalent vaccine.

Pharmacist Katie Zboyovski said, If you have the opportunity to get something that’s going to protect you tomorrow and two weeks from now at 100% level, I think it’s best to do that especially before those big events, travel, weddings, graduations or if you live with someone or take care of someone who is at high risk or you have a loved on in a long term care facility.”

At the Lecom Center for Health and Aging 3910 Schaper Avenue, they have Moderna bivalent vaccine available as well.

Pharmacists emphasize that bivalent vaccines protect against the original COVID-19 strain as well as the Omicron variants. Having the vaccine doesn’t mean that you won’t get COVID, but experts say it will minimize your risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death.


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