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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) — The warmer days and colder nights are the perfect mix for maple syrup production and families got to learn how the sweet syrup gets produced at Asbury Wood’s Maple Fest.

From the tree tapping to the the bottles of maple syrup, families learned just what it takes to make the breakfast staple.

Sarah Bennett, the Director of Education and Community Programs at Asbury Woods explained, “People really enjoyed learning about the maple syrup process. I’ve been really surprised and excited by how interested people are in the maple syrup process. So they can come here, they can learn all about it, but also try some maple products and purchase some locally made products as well.”

Asbury Woods officials brought people into the sugar bush where the trees are tapped, a new lesson that Thea Gerner learned more about on Sunday. “I learned that there is more than one kind of tree that produces different kind of like maple syrup”, said Gerner.

After the tour of the how the syrup is made, families could taste a variety of maple products from local vendors. As Chris Casbohm, with Casbohm Maple and Honey explained, “We have our maple candy, which is a traditional maple product, all sweet, all sugar and all maple. Then we have some other things where we show how to take a maple product and make it into something at home.”

Vendors said not only is this a great weekend for them to get their products into the hands of more customers, but it gives them also an opportunity to let the public know about what they do and where their maple syrup comes from.

“What we’re really looking for as new faces and folks to that we can try to educate about maple syrup in Northwestern Pennsylvania and around the country. It’s a it’s a very good natural product made with one ingredient. So we really try to educate the people first make friends and then the anything after that from a sales standpoint is just icing on the cake”, said Casbohm.

Next weekend is the Maple Taste and Tour weekend with seventeen different sugar shacks participating throughout the county.


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